Professional Development (PD)

"For the individual professional, ongoing professional development maintains and develops skills, knowledge and professional networks and for this reason is a core component of any successful professional's career." - AMMOP

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The importance of PD

It is a requirement of AusIMM membership that individuals engage in an appropriate level of professional development (PD). Maintaining current knowledge and skills through PD activities is imperative to ensuring AusIMM members continue to be the leading professionals in the global minerals sector.

The purpose of PD activities is to:

  • maintain or increase levels of technical and professional competence;
  • ensure continuing high quality and efficiency of work – benefiting employers, communities and the economy;
  • extend the range of professional skills;
  • develop new areas of expertise;
  • promote confidence and pride in work;
  • establish links with fellow professionals; and
  • increase and broaden career opportunities.

PD opportunities

There are many everyday activities that count towards professional development. Below is a list of types of PD opportunities with links to some of the activities that The AusIMM currently provides to its members:

PD categories of opportunities

Opportunities exist not only in technical disciplines, but across a number of categories that cater to development of professional and technical skills. There are also a number of external service providers of specialised PD opportunities, which can be located through universities, professional bodies and commercial operators. AusIMM Branches may also be able to assist with information on PD opportunities held locally, including technical courses, presentations, seminars and conferences.

PD Committee

The AusIMM's Professional Development Committee (PDC) has been created to assist in promoting professional development through the entire lifetime of minerals professionals and to assist The AusIMM in moving forward in focussing on PD as a lifetime of learning, helping others to keep up to date and informed.

The committee is currently focussing on creating new online, face-to-face, and on-site PD opportunities for AusIMM members. If you have ideas on PD content or delivery methods that the AusIMM should look into please contact us using the feedback form.