AusIMM New Professionals Network

New  Professionals Network

The AusIMM New Professionals Network (NPN) is run by a volunteer committee of professionals within the first six years of their career. Representation on the committee covers a mix of professions from across Australia and internationally.

The NPN's main aim is to help young AusIMM members build their networks and progress their careers.

The committee will act to serve several purposes aimed towards the development of young professionals in the industry. The main targets include:

  • professional development of soft skills particularly focused on communication
  • technical support, advice and guidance for those who may be shy or looking for external support
  • encouragement and advice on attending technical talks and meeting senior members within AusIMM
  • networking opportunities specifically for graduates in the same area
  • Increase the numbers of Graduate members and keep them active in AusIMM.


Alistair Harvey MAusIMM (Chair)
Donna Edwards (AusIMM)
Phone : +61 3 9658 6135

Becoming a Society member

AusIMM members who are in their first 0-5 years of their career can join the Network by ticking the 'New Professionals Network' in the Joining a Community section of the Members' Area ( click here to log in to your profile). Members of the Network are eligible to vote in committee elections, and will receive event notifications and occasional emails relevant to the group.

Latest news

Stay up to date with the latest news, activities and articles from the New Professionals Network by visiting the NPN page on the AusIMM Bulletin website. If you have some content that may interest our readers, please let us know via the feedback form.

In 2015, the NPN:

  • held two major events in Adelaide and Melbourne
  • launched the AusIMM Develop Your Mining Career Program with Floreat Consulting Australia
  • supported the 2015 AusIMM New Leaders' Conference in March
  • ran webinars on technical writing skills and industry software
  • supported events such as the WIMNet Coffee Club and the Melbourne Students and Young Professionals 'Speed Mentoring' Evening
  • developed a Barefoot Mentoring Scheme to be officially launched in 2016.

Conferences and Events

For upcoming New Professional Network events please visit the AusIMM Events Calendar.


The Network works closely with the AusIMM Publications Department to ensure quality technical publications are made available. For more information on publications visit the AusIMM Shop.

Mentoring Initiative

Late last year the AusIMM New Professionals Network launched a new kind of networking event by hosting 'Barefoot Mentoring' in both Brisbane and Perth.

Both events brought together recent graduates, mining students and some well-respected members of the industry to share a relaxed afternoon and discuss the current state of the mining industry.

The program works on the principal that true mentoring is an organic process and this format provides the structure for young professionals and students with common values to build relationships for the future. The program also aims to provide a networking platform for FIFO professionals who may feel isolated from the rest of the industry on site.

The NPN will continue growing and building on this mentoring initiative and plan on hosting multiple events throughout 2016 in Western Australia and Queensland.