The AusIMM Congress

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The AusIMM Congress is a meeting held annually over three days with participants representing all the major parts of the AusIMM, such as Branches, Societies, New Professionals, Students, Directors, Chairs of Committees, Taskforces and Strategy Groups, CEO and AusIMM Management Team.

AusIMM Congress & AGM 2018 was held 20-21 April in Glenelg, SA, hosted by the Adelaide Branch.

Congress is an annual meeting of the AusIMM established by AusIMM's By-Laws. Congress is an opportunity for the Institute's leaders to work together, sharing information, experiences, opportunities and concerns with each other and with the AusIMM Board and CEO. Congress is tasked with endorsing each annual edition of the rolling Strategic Plan of the AusIMM and supporting the AusIMM Board in developing and implementing the future development of the Institute. Congress delegates are also responsible for electing the President if an election is required in that year. The AusIMM Annual General Meeting is also held in conjunction with Congress to 'receive and consider' the AusIMM financial accounts for the preceding year.

Further information regarding Congress is available in the Members Only area.

Congress 2017

AusIMM Congress 2017 was held from 7-8 April in Newcastle, New South Wales. Hosted by the Hunter Region Branch.

Congress 2016

AusIMM Congress 2016 was held from 20-22 May in Cairns, Queensland. Hosted by the Far North Queensland Branch, the theme was ‘Our AusIMM Beyond 2020’.

Congress 2015

AusIMM Congress 2015 was held from 17 - 19 April 2015 in Fremantle, Western Australia. Hosted by the Perth Branch, the theme was 'Building the Institute through our Communities of Interest'.

Congress 2014

AusIMM Congress 2014 was held from 30 May - 1 June 2014 in Melbourne, Victoria. Hosted by the Melbourne Branch, the theme was 'Engaging Professionals, demonstrating leadership'.

Congress 2013

AusIMM Congress 2013 was held from 26 - 28 April 2013 in Darwin, Northern Territory. Hosted by the Darwin Branch, the theme was 'AusIMM 120 Years: Celebrating Professional Excellence'.

Congress 2012

AusIMM Congress 2012 was held from 27-29 April 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand. Hosted by the New Zealand Branch, the theme was 'Providing Leadership and Opportunities'.

Congress 2011

AusIMM Congress 2011 was held from 26-29 May 2011 at the Wrest Point Hobart, Tasmania. Hosted by the Tasmania Branch, the theme was 'Advancing professional excellence, contributing to our common goal'.


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