Societies and Committees

AusIMM Societies are comprised of members with expertise in a particular discipline or area of practice. In addition, Committees have been formed to address cross-discipline issues and interests. Group committee members provide advice to AusIMM and work on relevant projects.


AusIMM Community and Environment Society
The AusIMM Community and Environment Society aims to provide a balanced, informed voice which supports professionals in the minerals sector in community and environment related issues.

AusIMM Consultants Society
The AusIMM Consultants Society is dedicated to professionals employed, operating or interested in the area of mineral industry consulting.

AusIMM Geoscience Society
The AusIMM Geoscience Society aims to represent the professional needs of members who have an interest in geoscience, and to promote the geosciences through AusIMM and its many groups, among peers and to the general community.

AusIMM Health and Safety Society
The Health and Safety Society (formerly the Health and Safety Committee) was established in late 2015. Led by an interim steering committee, the Society will support all professionals engaged in health and safety practice and will serve to lift the profile of health and safety within the AusIMM and the minerals industry.

AusIMM Metallurgical Society
The role of the AusIMM Metallurgical Society is to meet the professional needs of members whose field of interest and profession is metallurgy and to promote their profile in the community generally.

AusIMM Mining Society
The AusIMM Mining Society aims to represent members within the mining engineering profession.

AusIMM Women in Mining Network (WIMnet)
The WIMnet aims to promote attraction and retention of women in the mining industry and to encourage membership and active participation of women in AusIMM and WIMnet activities. Membership is open to both men and women.


AusIMM Heritage Committee
The AusIMM Heritage Committee aims to foster knowledge about the heritage of the minerals industry among members and the public and to identify and encourage conservation of significant sites, documents and objects.

AusIMM New Professionals Network
The AusIMM New Professionals Networks main aim is to help young AusIMM members build your network and progress your career.