About the AusIMM

Leadership for resources professionals

The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (The AusIMM) was founded in 1893 and provides services to professionals engaged in all facets of the global resources sector. With a focus on providing leadership and opportunities to resource industry professionals, the AusIMM delivers an ongoing program of professional development services to ensure our members are supported throughout their careers, enabling them to provide high-quality professional input to industry and the community.

The AusIMM represents 13 000 members drawn from all sections of the industry and supported by a network of branches and societies in Australasia and internationally.

For further information about the AusIMM, please contact our membership team on +61 3 9658 6100 or via the contact form.

AusIMM Strategy

Information on the ongoing strategy, business plans and financials of the AusIMM are available to members via the AusIMM Strategy page.


Congress is an annual meeting of the AusIMM established by AusIMM’s By-Laws. Congress is an opportunity for the Institute’s leaders to work together, sharing information, experiences, opportunities and concerns with each other and with the AusIMM Board and CEO. Congress is tasked with endorsing each annual edition of the rolling Strategic Plan of the AusIMM and supporting the AusIMM Board in developing and implementing the future development of the Institute. Congress delegates are also responsible for electing the President if an election is required in that year. The AusIMM Annual General Meeting is also held in conjunction with Congress to ‘receive and consider’ the AusIMM financial accounts for the preceding year.

For further information regarding Congress is available in the Members Only section of the website.

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