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Life-of-Mine Conference 2014

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2014

Building on the inaugural Life-of-Mine 2012 Conference, Life-of-Mine 2014 included presentations on the following topics: planning for closure; landform design; rehabilitation challenges; life after mining; mining in a changing world; mining and the community; new approaches and innovation; managing water and waste and managing risk.  Delegates from the varied (and not always themselves sufficiently integrated) disciplines of geology, planning, mining and mineral processing attended the event, along with those from an environmental, social and broader sustainability-focused background. Delegates were able to maximise opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning, reaping the benefits and valuing the outcomes from such a conference.

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A Capitals Based Approach – Leading Innovation in Planning for Life-of-Mine SustainabilityG D Corder, A Keith and L Dyer
3.9 MB
A Cellular Automata-based Run-off Model and its Application in Mined Land Rehabilitation DesignsQ Shao, T Baumgartl, L Huang and D Weatherley
5.9 MB
A Dynamic Sediment Simulation to Predict the Variability of Suspended Solids Concentrations over Life-of-Mine for Application to a Risk-based Environmental AssessmentM Ind and B Usher
2.1 MB
A Multi-year Assessment of Landform Evolution Model Predictions for a Trial Rehabilitated LandformJ Lowry, M Saynor, W Erskine, T Coulthard and G Hancock
10.7 MB
A Predictive Model for Beneficial Use of Rehabilitated Mine Tailings for Grazing Cattle after Mine ClosureJ C Ng, B N Noller and S L Bruce
1.5 MB
Achieving Better Mine Closure Outcomes for Less MoneyB Howard, D Pershke and M Jones
595.6 KB
An Alternative Whole-of-Life Approach to Tailings ManagementD J Williams
40.9 MB
Application of Design Concepts and Engineering Controls Necessary to Deliver Well-designed and Rehabilitated LandformsT Leidich, H Lacy and M Van Zyl
7.1 MB
Application of RISKGATE to Coal Mine Tailings DamsD J Williams, P A Kirsch, M Gasparon, T Baumgartl, M Edraki, D Rowe and J Harris
22.1 MB
Assessment of Ecotoxicology and Health Risk from Bioaccumulation in Fish of Heavy Metals and Metalloids from Historical Mine Practices in the Leichhardt River, Queensland, AustraliaB N Noller, J C Ng, V Matanitobua, H H Harris, J Zheng and T Huynh
5.3 MB
Challenging Perceptions? Sustainability Reporting, the Media and MiningR Tapia Rivera, P A Kirsch and P Clark
553.7 KB
Changing Restoration Priorities in the 21st Century – Opportunities for Novel Ecosystem Design in Mine ClosureD Doley and P Audet
2.8 MB
Designer Tailings – An Integrated Model for Tailings ManagementM Edraki, T Huynh, T Baumgartl, L Huang, M Andrusiewicz, K Tungpalan, M Tayebi-Khorami, E Wightman, S Palaniandy, E Manlapig, C Evans, S Farrokhpay, D Bradshaw and S Vink
954.9 KB
Detecting Long-term Ecological Impacts of Subsidence from Underground Coal Mining – A Tale of Two Pilot TestsN B McCaffrey, V Glenn, P D Erskine, C Johns and A T Fletcher
993.9 KB
Development of a Toxicity Approach to Evaluate Free Cyanide and Metal Cyanide Complexes in Waters Associated with Gold and Other MiningB N Noller, J C Ng, S Shini, P L Breuer, H Sichani-Teimouri and R N Alsaadi
1.6 MB
Development of Climate-based Suitability Indices for the Improvement of Success in RehabilitationT Baumgartl, S Arnold, P Audet and A Lechner
2.8 MB
Distinguishing Carbon Fractions in Coalmine Rehabilitated SoilsJ Chan, T Baumgartl, P D Erskine, C Peltre and A Plante
535.0 KB
Do We Need to Change the Way We Set Up the Stage?A Datar and D Mulligan
5.2 MB
Dreams of Futures Past – Curating Post-mining LandscapesA Hine and P A Kirsch
19.5 MB
Effective Life-of-mine Planning by Understanding and Managing Risks and Opportunities Associated with Geological UncertaintyM Berry
2.3 MB
Ensuring Rehabilitation into the Future – The Western Australian Mining Rehabilitation FundM L Leybourne
295.0 KB
Extractive Companies, Development and Environmental AgendasB Harvey
226.2 KB
Inadequate Water Management Planning Resulting in Long-term Closure LiabilitiesH J J Boshoff
403.2 KB
Incorporating Sustainability into Mining Plant and Infrastructure DesignA Murphy
2.3 MB
Integrated Site Water Balances and Water Quality Models for Decision-making over Life-of-mineR Strand and B Usher
2.7 MB
Landform Design for Pilbara Mine Site – Why Plan and Design Waste Rock Dumps for Closure Based on Site-specific Conditions?A Kemp, I Taylor and G Hancock
6.0 MB
Legume and Grass Revegetation of Mine TailingsJ P T Domingo and C P C David
6.5 MB
Life-of-Mine Planning in a Dynamic EnvironmentS M Bennett and I Manege
3.7 MB
Managing Information to Support a Social Licence to OperateA Golsby
289.4 KB
Maturity of Jurisdictional Abandoned Mine Programs in Australia Based on Web-accessible InformationC J Unger, A M Lechner, A Walton, V Glenn, M Edraki and D R Mulligan
1.8 MB
Mine Life Cycle Planning – Creating Lasting Value for CommunitiesI Buitrago and S Robertson
445.5 KB
Mine Wastes as Cover Materials in a Water-shedding Soil Cover in North-West QueenslandC Gonzales, T Baumgartl, M Edraki and A Soliman
1.2 MB
Mining in Morobe, Papua New Guinea – Impacts, Assurance and Self-determinationG M Mudd and C Roche
36.5 MB
Mining Legacies – Understanding Life-of-Mine Across Time and SpaceM Pepper, C R Roche and G M Mudd
7.3 MB
Moving Beyond Economic Framing of the Australian Coal IndustryS Worden, A Kirsch and P A Kirsch
323.3 KB
Mt Owen Mine Spotted-tailed Quoll StudyP York
7.0 MB
Phytostabilisation and Phytomining – Principles and SuccessesR L Chaney and M Mahoney
1.4 MB
Planning for the Future – Development of Beneficial End Use from a Quarry Pit Lake, Victoria, AustraliaM Gerner and C D McCullough
7.3 MB
Post-mining Land Use Options in the Appalachian Coal Mining Region of the USAJ Skousen and C E Zipper
1.1 MB
Queensland Mines Should Consider Climate Change Impacts for DecommissioningM C Evans
6.4 MB
Resource Company Investments in Health – A Life-of-Mine / Life-of-Community Perspective across AmericaC Ribeiro Duthie, A Calderon, D Viswanathan, M Shi, J Harris and P A Kirsch
6.2 MB
Risk-based Rehabilitation Strategies for Post-mined Land in FijiA T Soro, D R Mulligan, G McIlveen, D M Franks, J J Robinson and B N Noller
1.2 MB
Rwanda and the Africa Mining VisionI H Wilson
1.1 MB
Surface Mining and Legacy Mining Communities in South Wales, UKR N Humphries and R J K Thompson
554.1 KB
The Domains Concept – 20 Years on Retrospective, Obstacles and Opportunities for Effective Life-of-Mine ImplementationB E McCarthy
1.8 MB
The Importance of Project Shaping in Fit for Purpose Closure PlanningG Sinclair
169.2 KB
The Legacy of Underground Coal Mining – Mine Subsidence: Ipswich Coal Measures Case StudyB W Ham
385.6 KB
The New Paradigm for Phytostabilising Mine Wastes – Ecologically Engineered Pedogenesis and Functional Root ZonesL Huang, T Baumgartl, L Zhou and D Mulligan
1.1 MB
The Value of Sustainability – Making Informed DecisionsD Lingenfelder, P Wickens and A Churr
162.8 KB
Thresholds in Biodiverse RestorationK Dixon
185.1 KB
Topsoil Management for Long-term Mine Operation and Closure – A Case Study from Alcoa's Bauxite Mining Operations in South-west AustraliaL Hackett and A Grigg
11.9 MB
Treatment and Rehabilitation of Acidic Waste Rock and Tailings – A 14-year Case StudyL Fergusson, D Blair and T Scutts
43.8 MB
Value Impacts of Truck Limited SchedulingP G Doig
4.7 MB
Water as Risk in Mining – Media Analysis and the RISKGATE Body of KnowledgeM Shi, P A Kirsch, S Vink and J Harris
3.8 MB
Why Reinvent the Wheel when there are Established Methodologies to Aid the Design and Assessment of Restored Natural Ecosystems on Mined Land?R N Humphries
387.2 KB